Sworn to Silence

Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo
Linda Castillo
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Dec 13, 2021

Set in the rural town of Painters Mill, Ohio, a gruesome serial killer shattered the sense of safety held by the Amish and “English” residents. Now, sixteen years later, Kate Burkholder returns to Painters Mill as Chief of Police. All is well until a new body is found. Kate must prevent more deaths, and by doing so may put those who mean the most to her in danger.

This book is full of suspense, and you definitely won’t want to put it down. I enjoyed every second spent reading this book. Even though some of the descriptions were a little graphic, I was blown away by the imagery Castillo was able to convey. The descriptions of the forests, fields, and crime scenes made you feel like you were standing alongside Kate catching the killer. Reading Sworn to Silence has encouraged me to finish the series following Kate Burkholder. I would definitely recommend this book series to anybody wanting to read a crime or detective book.

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John M.

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