Supergifted by Gordon Korman
Gordon Korman
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Mar 21, 2023

Supergifted by Gordon Korman is about Noah, who is supergifted. Finding a way out of the academy for students with high IQ’s, Noah transfers to a normal middle school that his friend Donovan attends. Soon, Noah finds a way to support his school and joins the cheerleading squad, but Hash Taggart (aka. Hashtag), an uber jock in the school, starts picking on him. Noah’s friend Donovan helps Noah and lands himself in a big fight with Hashtag. He’s told not to go anywhere near Hashtag. But when an incident takes place on Hashtag’s street, Donovan is now proclaimed a hero. The only problem is he can’t tell anyone because it involves Hashtag. So Noah steps in, in the name of helping Donovan. Now Noah goes from nerd to very popular, but Donovan thinks popularity is getting the best of Noah.


I really liked this book. It was very funny and heartwarming. It teaches you that popularity isn’t everything and that you should always trust your true friends. I would highly recommend this book because of its really good plot and humor. I give this book a 5/5.

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