Cover photo of the book Supergifted
Gordon Korman
Dec 29, 2020

Donovan Curtis is not what you call “gifted.” However, his genius friend, Noah Youkilis, is Supergifted, with one of the highest IQs. After spending many years at the Academy for Scholastic Distinction, Noah looks for the chance to fail and to become normal. He lands at Donovan’s school and finds himself in trouble with cheerleading captain Megan Mercury and jock Hash “Hashtag” Taggart. Donovan sticks up for Noah but gets caught in his own feud and has to stay away from Hashtag. Noah believes that Donovan was mistreated and goes to Hashtag’s house to give Hashtag a piece of his mind. Donovan tries to stop Noah but ends up becoming a hero in a freak accident. Donovan can’t reveal that he was near Hashtag’s house and has to remain silent. As the whole town wonders who the hero of the freak accident was, Noah devises a plan for him to become popular and keep Donovan from being caught. He decides to tell the town that he was the hero, and the town believes him. Noah goes from nerd to hero at school, but it might have gone more than a little bit to his head.

This funny sequel to Ungifted tells the story of Noah’s rollercoaster of events at regular middle school. Supergifted is a wonderful read for those looking for a laugh. It has a great plot with added drama and comedy. I would recommend this book to young adults who need a fun book to read. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Written by
Raghu P.


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