Super Fake Love Song

Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon
David Yoon
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Jun 15, 2022

Super Fake Love Song was quite a raw story of how a boy (Sunny Dae) changes himself in order to impress a girl. The moment I read about how Sunny was going to act like he was this really cool rock star to impress his new (and attractive) neighbor, Cirrus Soh, I had a feeling it would be quite a chaotic book. So basically, Sunny makes himself like his cool brother when his brother was in high school. Before Cirrus Soh, he was a self-proclaimed ‘loser’ which is what he called himself because people called him and his two best friends, nerds and because he made videos about D&D. But once Cirrus came into his picture frame, he dressed different, walked different, and pretty much changed his whole personality to be someone Cirrus would love. (Or who he’d think she’d love). I really enjoyed this book and I felt I could really relate with all of the unique special characters that are in this book. There are definitely some decisions made in the book that I winced at, but with that you also got to see more sides of the characters. It makes you think about whether other people are changing themselves too in the real world, outside of this story. Or how if you change your own self to meet others’ wants/expectations. Overall, I thought that this story was really well made, and I would recommend it to teenagers looking for a humorous, romantic book.

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