The Strange Maid

Tessa Gratton
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May 1, 2015

Signy Valborn  was only seven when she climbed the New World Tree and Odin declared she would be one of his Valkyrie. Since then, the Child Valkyrie has grown to be a disappointment. She has failed to solve the riddle given to her by Odin, and thus has been isolated from the other Valkyrie for three years now. Then, Signy meets the mysterious and somewhat alluring Ned Unferth, a troll hunter who claims he has the answer to her riddle. Signy then embarks on a journey to seek out her destiny, even if it's not the one she anticipated.


Signy is a kick-butt, take-names heroine that is refreshingly honest about herself and her faults. Through her journey, Signy begins to soften and change, perhaps because of a striking troll hunter, and through those changes the Valkyrie she was destined to become shows herself. The ending is a bit open ended, so I desperately hope the next installment in the United States of Asgard involves Signy in some way.

Written by Jennifer R.

I have yet to be stumped on a game of 6 Degrees of Separation

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