The Storyspinner

Becky Wallace
Mar 13, 2017

Johanna lives in a world where nobles plot their way to the throne, willing to do anything to become ruler. They are fighting over the throne of the princess who is supposed to be dead. Nevertheless, there is a quest to find her by a race of people with magical abilities, and they are not the only ones looking for her. Bodies of dead girls are turning up at every corner, and they all look exactly like Johanna.

This was a very long book, and most of it was pretty unexciting. But the last part of the book was thrilling, it got so interesting I could not put it down. The romance in this story is better than most in YA nowadays, so that was nice. This book’s plot got incredibly complicated as time went on, and the point of view was constantly changing, so if you are not careful you can get confused. The basic premise of a long lost princess with people trying to kill her and being swept up in romance is pretty normal and common in a lot of the books I read. However, this one was much better than most of the others. I really liked the character of Johanna, she is a lot stronger of a female protagonist than almost every book. She was really relatable and fun to read about.

YA fantasy fans, trust me when I say you want this book.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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