The Sticky Situation

The Sticky Situation by Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton
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Aug 18, 2023

Finally, it was Friday, and Geronimo was anxious to take the day off from work. He earned this vacation because he had been working so hard at work. As a result, Geronimo decided to visit Stilton Farm, where there was also a huge celebration of the arrival of spring. Poor Geronimo got stung by bees that were all over the land. His annoying/sweet cousin Trap thought it was time to make some money with the bees. Geronimo eventually came onto Bee Mine, a honey-producing business run by two kind elderly rats, after a long pursuit away from the bees. They welcomed him inside and got to talking about their history of starting a honey business while also showing the Stilton family how to cultivate excellent Manuka honey. At that time, Trap and Geronimo began preparing for the Sweet Taste of Mouse Island event, when honey was sampled and rated from best to worst. The most delicious honey in town was Stilton's, but there was a problem: many were experiencing agonizing stomach aches. Can Hercule Portrait and Geronimo identify what is causing this perilous circumstance?

My favorite part of the book was when Alpine and Melanie, the two charming rats from Bee Mine, talked about how they were successful at making honey. It was quite useful to the Stilton family in learning about bee behavior. They all engage in extensive conversation, sharing stories, and honey-based cookery while together. Alpine and Melanie telling their tale of making honey and Hercule Portrit assisting Geronimo in locating the mystery mouse responsible for the bee attacks are only a few of the book's intriguing elements. The value of friends and family when pursuing a hobby is discussed in this book. Please read this book if you want to learn more about maintaining a honey farm or if you are interested in starting one.

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The Quiet Starling

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