Shannon Messenger
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Mar 24, 2023

Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger is the ninth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities fantasy
series. Sophie and her friends are in incredible danger. Lies are being discovered, the truth is
being found, and suddenly everything seems to be already decided. Sophie and her friends
can’t seem to agree on things like who to trust, who to tell what, when to act, and when to let the
enemy struggle for themselves. Sophie thinks Elysian is the answer to Stellarlune, and that if
the power falls into the wrong hands, it could be deadly. But is she right? Or, has she fallen for
another trick? Sophie and her friends are ready for anything, including the battle that is
inevitably ahead, but things are no longer what they seem. When the illusion of keeping the lost
cities together falters, everything they have been working for could be lost. I think this book is
one of the most important of the series. I enjoyed reading about how some of the characters'
relationships are changing as the series continues. I like this series and would recommend it to
anyone who is looking for an exciting fantasy series that will leave you questioning things right
along with the characters.



Written by
Victoria O.

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