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Star Wars The Last Jedi movie

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Oct 6, 2021

Star Wars The Last Jedi was my favorite movie in the 7-9 Star Wars films because it was in the format of The Empire Strikes Back. After the conclusion of The Force Awakens, Rey journeys through the Galaxy to find Luke Skywalker. While Rey is on her own mission the Resistance is attacked by the First Order. I watched this movie in theaters for the first time and I had an amazing time sitting in the dark and looking at this tremendous movie. I recommend this film to people who love watching Star Wars movies and who loved The Empire Strikes Back movie. To compare this movie to any Star Wars film it would be a middle movie. A movie that does not have the introduction and the final battle but a storyline that continues through the struggles of reaching the final battle. This movie had action, an amazing storyline, and adventure which made it amazing.

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Aryan C.

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