Sour by Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo
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Dec 13, 2021


1.brutal - 3/10 - The song itself is very punk rock and is a great song for this genre, however it does not fit the style of the album. It is different instrumentation and is a completely different genre from the majority of the album.

2.traitor - 8/10 - The song talks about being in a relationship and having the other person move on before it’s over. Rodrigo talks about not being cheated on but being betrayed. The song is an 8/10 because it is so emotional and because of the way Rodrigo really lets her guard down.

3.drivers license - 9/10 - Drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo broke the internet in January of 2021. Her first single she had dropped and the whole world was obsessed. Spotify showed this song is the most played in the year 2021 more than any other song. The drop of the song and the fame that came with it is what caused Rodrigo to be so successful. The song itself is amazingly relatable to anyone who has broken off a relationship. She sings about the feeling of being lied to now that the relationship is over and seeing her ex-partner in everything she does.

4.1 step forward, 3 steps back - 8/10 - This song is one closely related to Taylor Swift’s song “New Years Day ''. Rodrigo took the same chord progression and made her own work of art. The song explores feelings of moving backward and knowing a relationship is damaged, but not knowing what you did. The song can be relatable to any relationship, not just love interest. The soft bird sounds and piano, in the beginning ,create a calm yet heartbreaking track for her album.

5.deja vu - 5/10 - déjà vu is about when you’re watching your ex move on and do all the things he did with you with another girl. The song is good although many other songs on her album are so much better making a song a 5/10.

6.good 4 you - 6.5/10 -this is an amazing song although it doesn’t really fit the style of the album. It is a more alternative song on its own it would probably be a nine or 10 but because of the album and the style of this album, it loses a few points because of the genre. Although, unlike the other two songs that do not fit the style of the albums this song stays on the idea of a relationship ending with a boy.

7.enough for you - 7/10 - this song talks about wanting to be enough for a boy. She explores the idea that she was never enough and then she always wanted more and really hits home. This can be related to any relationship where one does not feel good enough.

8.happier - 8/10 -  Happier portrays the emotions of acceptance but also wants to be better than his new relationships. She sings “I hope you’re happy but don’t be happier” as she knows it’s over but still wants to be the best thing in her ex-partner’s life.

9.jealousy, jealousy - 4/10 - Along with “brutal”, this song does not really fit the style of the album. It is more along the punk rock lines when the album consists of ballads and heart songs. This song is not one with a lack of emotion though. In fact, this is one most girls probably relate to. The song talks about comparing yourself to others on social media.

10.favorite crime - 10/10 - This may be one of the greatest songs ever written. The vulnerability Rodrigo shows through her words in this song allows the listener to feel her pain through every syllable. She talks about being used and giving everything you have to a relationship but not getting the love that you give back. She dabbles in some early signs of Stockholm syndrome when she says she “would do it all again” and go back to the relationship that hurt her so badly. She knows she let it happen so she not only blames her ex-partner but herself. The beautiful music behind her ever so direct lyrics creates the beautiful masterpiece she names favorite crime.

11.hope ur okay - 6/10 - This song dives into past relationships of Rodrigo’s. She talks about old friends that she has lost touch with and their lives. The song itself is heart-touching and makes you feel everything Rodrigo intended.

Overall the album is a 5/5 star. For a debut album, Olivia Rodrigo pulled out all the stops and gave it everything she had. With a rollercoaster of emotions, the album is relatable yet so personal to Rodrigo. The vulnerability shown allowed the album the success it so rightfully deserved.

Written by
Emery S.

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