The Soul Keepers

The Soul Keepers by Devon Taylor
Devon Taylor
Mar 18, 2019

When teenager Rhett dies, he becomes a skelletor on the Harbinger, which is a ship that collects souls when people die. Suddenly, a demon appears and wants some special power that Rhett seems to have. What could it be? How will Rhett and his new friends stop her? Or can they even? 

The most compelling aspect of the book with all it's different characters reacting to the situations they were put in and to each other. I loved the cover; it gave this creepy ominous vibe without telling much about the story but sort of hinting at things. Much like the book, the cover is suspenseful.

This book was in no way disappointing, and this is definitely one of the best books I've read- and I have read many books in my lifetime.

Written by
Emma J. From Blue Valley YAAC

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