The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller
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Mar 8, 2024

The Song of Achilles is and has remained one of my favorite books of all time. There are many quotes from this book that really hold a place in my heart. The plot doesn't take long to pick up, which is nice if you have a short attention span like me. I love all the Greek mythology references, but if you don't know too much about Greek mythology no worries you can still understand the book! It is a lovely forbidden slow burn romance. The Song of Achilles is a modern retelling of the well known Greek story of Achilles. Two people fall in love even though it is forbidden. Achilles is a very powerful and promising warrior and Patroclus tries to find his place and purpose. They travel and overcome many obstacles. The ending left me balling. It is also very well written and is very easy to comprehend. Overall a fantastic book for romance and Greek mythology readers I suggest it for everyone!

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