In Some Other Life

Jessica Brody
Aug 21, 2018

A girl named Kennedy Rhodes has an awesome teenage life- with the perfect boyfriend, an awesome best friend, and is editor of her school's awarded newspaper. All turns around when, she finds her best friend kissing her perfect boyfriend. She suddenly wishes she had had excepted the place at Windsor Academy, an elite private school. Kennedy rushes to the Academy to see if she could get her place, but than she bangs her head. She wakes up in an another life- a life where she does go to Windsor Academy. Kennedy navigates the life of her other version, and starts to wonder if she is any happier here than she was in other life.

I really liked the book! It hooked me on first interest, and the cover really drew me in.

This book would be good for anyone over the age of 13 because it does have kissing in it. This book reminded me somewhat of Freaky Friday.

Written by
Arielle from Blue Valley Library YAAC


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