Smash It!

Smash It! Black teen girl wearing jeans and a hoodie covers her eyes while smiling.
Francina Simone
Mar 12, 2021

        After letting her insecurities ruin her experience at a Halloween party, Olivia "Liv" James decides to make a F*ck-It List to never let her insecurities get to her again. This leads Liv to get a part in the school musical, gain new best friends, as well as attractions to 3 different boys. The list seemed to change Liv's life for the better, until one rule of the list led to a series of misunderstands to unfold in this inspiring novel.     
          The most compelling aspect is the relatability of the main character. Personally, no other books could come as close to being as relatable as this. The relatability allows readers to picture themselves in the character's shoes, as I easily saw myself as Liv at times, which heavily inspired me to let go of my insecurities just like Liv. In addition, the way the events are written is very inspirational, further enabling readers to follow in the footsteps of the main character by trying to live their best lives. As Liv tried out for the musical, I was reminded of being in my school musical too a few years ago. When reading about the rehearsals, the people, and the action, I started realizing how much I missed it which led me to start auditioning again. I can safely say that this book in a long time to have a such an impact on the way I think and what I do.     

Written by
Keiko C.

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