Sky Without Stars

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Jessica Brody
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Jan 10, 2021

The best way I can describe this book is as sci-fi Les Misérables. Chantine, a thief and con-woman best compared to Éponine, lives in the Frets (slums) of Lattere, but wants nothing more than to leave. To everyone but her family she is known as Théo. Marcellus (most like Marius) is the grandson of General Bonnefaçon, the most powerful man on the planet. His father was a traitor and member of the Vangarde, a rebel group thought to be resurfacing. And Alouette, comparable to Cosette, lives in a refuge with the 10 ‘“sisters” and her secretive father who protect the planet's only books.

Fair warning: if you haven’t seen Les Mis, go watch it before reading; it’s on Netflix. I was really impressed with this book. It’s one of those rare reads that you just can’t seem to put down. As a huge fan of Les Mis, I was skeptical of Sky Without Stars, worried it wouldn’t do my favorite musical justice, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem. The authors used a similar plotline to Les Mis and similar characters, but it was still different enough so that it was original and creative. I loved reading from Chantine’s (Éponine’s) perspective. It was fun to see her character explored because I always felt as though she got too small of a role in the musical. All that being said, there were still a few issues with the book. At times it could be slow. About midway through, a few chapters are written that just seem like filler. And at the end, there were a lot of plot twists shoved into about 2 chapters, and it just seemed rushed. I’m guessing it’s set up for the next book. These problems seem minor to me so a 4 out of 5 star rating seems justified. Read it for yourself to find out, especially if you liked the Lunar Chronicle series.

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Brooke G.

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