The Siren

Kiera Cass
Jul 10, 2017

Kahlen is just a normal girl. She has 2 brothers and a nice family. Her mom and dad have lots of money so she lives well. But that all changes one summer day while on a cruise. She's just inside her cabin, watching her mom put on make up when all of a sudden she hears some wonderful music. What could it possibly be? Everyone goes out to check. But then disaster strikes when everyone starts to jump overboard. Kahlen finds herself surrounded by a few beautiful women who look to be teenagers after finding herself thrown into the water, wishing not to die. Follow Kahlen as she finds out who these girls are and why she didn't die.

I thought this book was truly amazing! I just couldn't put it down. The plot is smooth. The characters feel real. Everything is truly great about this book. Kiera Cass has outdone herself!!

I would recommend this book for ages 11-18. Fans of the Tale of Emily Windsnap would probably enjoy this. Anyone who likes fantasy with a little bit of romance.

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