The Similars

Rebecca Hanover
Feb 1, 2019

The Similars is a fantastic literary tale of understanding actions and feelings of others while simultaneously exploring the concept of clones that may be a future reality. Emma is dealing with the aftermath of a friend's suicide when six clones, dubbed 'The Similars', begin attending her high school. One of them wears the face of her recently deceased friend, but she is quick to understand that he is not Oliver and will never be Oliver. 

I really like the idea of clones and how society would interpret the meaning and worth of their existence. The realness of this book was startling and admittedly frightened me by the possibility of such events occurring.

I liked the cover because it is a spiral staircase that is seemingly endless and can be seen from different perspectives depending on the person telling it. The staircase can also be seen as a DNA double helix which hints toward the significance of DNA and clones in this book.

Written by
Lauren F from Blue Valley YAAC


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