The Silvered Serpents

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Roshani Chokshi
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Jan 9, 2021

The Silvered Serpents ​is Roshani Chokshi’s brilliant follow up to ​The Gilded Wolves​. It picks up with the characters grappling with the extreme loss they face at the end of ​The Gilded Wolves​. Fractured and confused, they go on one final, all important, mission. Matching the story’s darker tone is a setting shift from Paris to Russia, an icy world that is once more beautifully illustrated by Chokshi’s prose. My problems with this book are essentially the same as with ​The Gilded Wolves​. First, the character ages do not at all align with how mature they feel. The author really should have just aged them up. Second, I felt that the magic system was very confusing and could have used a clear explanation.

To be perfectly blunt this book was emotionally painful to read. While ​The Gilded Wolves ​is fun and heartwarming, ​The Silvered Serpents ​is dark and melancholy. Everything that I’d loved about the first book, the characters and their relationships with one another, are put to the test in ​The Silvered Serpents​. ​The Gilded Wolves​ gave us a group of people at their best and The Silvered Serpents ​puts these people through unimaginable trials and tragedy and leaves us to watch how they fare. But, despite all the difficult situations, the story and the writing are beautiful. While I probably won’t be rereading ​The Silvered Serpents​ any time soon, I eagerly await the next book in the series.

I rate ​The Silvered Serpents​ 4 out of 5 stars because, though it made me miserable, it also occasionally made me very happy. Essentially, it had me entirely under its spell, which is a powerful and rare thing. ​The Silvered Serpents ​is utterly enthralling, and I heavily recommend it and its predecessor, ​The Gilded Wolves​, to anyone looking for an excellent read.

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Delaney M.

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