The Silver Chair

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C.S. Lewis
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Apr 19, 2024

“Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up, all those things-trees and grass and sun and moon and stars and Aslan himself. Suppose we have. Then all I can say is that, in that case, the made-up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones. Suppose this black pit of a kingdom of yours is the only world. Well, it strikes me as a pretty poor one. And that's a funny thing when you come to think of it. We're just babies making up a game, if you're right. But four babies playing a game can make a play-world which licks your real-world hollow. That's why I'm going to stand by the play world. I'm on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it. I'm going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn't any Narnia.” 

Returning to Narnia a year after the events of the previous book, the two new main charters, Eustace and Jill are asked to help in tracking down the missing prince. They encounter many things along their way, including an evil sorceress, and a charmed chair.

This book was not very enjoyable. I hated both main characters, and the story was for the most part, very unlively. The only bright spot in the otherwise grey and dull boom was the reveal about the chair, but it seems that was it. It now makes sense that the book was named after a chair, as there is literally nothing else of any importance in the entire book. It was very slow, and after rereading it, it became clear why of all the books in the series, I remembered nothing at all of this one. Aside from being dull, it was also weird, but not in the fun kooky weird of the rest of the series. There was an entire character named Puddleglum, who was just as unfortunate as his name would leave you to believe. I still wish that the original Pevensie siblings were characters in all the books, as the books they are in are made so much better by them.

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