Sick Kids in Love

Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz
Hannah Moskowitz
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Feb 3, 2023

This book is amazing. Although the title is pretty cheesy, this book really
does show what a true relationship can look like, full of ups and downs. Sick
Kids in Love
is written from the perspective of main character Isabel. Isabel
isn’t your average teenager, which adds so much more to the book. She has a
hard home life, which is explained throughout the book. Not only that, but
she deals with rheumatoid arthritis on a regular basis, something that most
people think isn’t a big deal. And while it doesn’t make her incapable of
everyday activities, it certainly makes her life harder, which many people
within her life don’t understand.

The story also features Sasha, who has got to be the standard for any guy.
He is just top notch amazing. He’s a jokester, with a warm and caring heart.
Sasha has Gaucher Disease. This has strongly affected his life in many ways,
and is in the hospital very often. In fact, that’s where Isabella and Sasha
meet. As they continue to get to know each other throughout the story, they
form a close bond. They try to understand each other, even when it’s hard. In
the book, we most definitely see Isabel grow as a character in many ways,
which is something that I always love to see.

“You know what will be fun?”
“When we can stop pretending that we’re interesting people who go out and
do things and instead we can hang out and just do nothing.”
It’s incredible to hear those words out of someone’s mouth besides mine. Not
that I’ve ever said them, actually. Who would I say them to?
“That sounds amazing,” I say.
― Hannah Moskowitz, Sick Kids in Love

Sick Kids in Love is a standalone book, which is different for me, because I
usually read book series. However, this did not take away from the quality of


the book. It is very well written, and is constantly captivating. When I tell you
that there was not a boring moment in this book, I mean it. I could not set this
book down. I finished the day that I got it because I was so caught up. It’s just
an awesome book overall.

So, sum it all up, this book is top-notch amazing for a romance teen fiction
book. This book is well written, captivating, and absolutely lovely. It does
have some swear words, but not very often and nothing crazy. I 100%
recommend it!


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Natalie M.

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