Shatter Me

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Tahereh Mafi
Apr 19, 2021

Shatter Me​, by Tahereh Mafi, is the first book in a YA dystopian series of the same name. In this novel, Juliette, a girl with the ability to kill someone with her touch, lives in a wasteland society. After being kidnapped by the son of a powerful man, Juliette, and her love interest Adam, must try to escape and reach safety.

I really enjoyed this book and its plot; however, I had some minor problems with a few of the characters. First off, this book is very well written; Mafi's concept is unique, and she employs a very poetic writing style that heightens emotions and perfectly depicts what's happening.

Now for the characters. I like Juliette because she's not the typical heroine; she's a complete mess emotionally and mentally and filled with self-loathing. Despite her individuality, I don't see a lot of potential for Juliette's character's growth, but I hope Mafi proves me wrong in later books of this series. Adam bored me.  He was a cookie-cutter love interest, and I'm unsure how I feel about both him and Warner being able to touch Juliette when no one else can; it feels too typical for this book. Although Warner wasn't as present as some other characters, I think he has the potential to be really amazing. Lastly, Kenji felt a little forced, like he was just thrown in at the last minute, but I guess that's kind of his purpose since his operation was to bring Juliette to Castle. Regardless of the very minor issues I had with pieces of this novel, it was remarkable.

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Taylor E.


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