Shameful Flight

Shameful Flight by Stanley Wolpert
Stanley Wolpert
May 3, 2022

In Shameful Flight, Wolpert analyzes the British exit of India and the permanent effects it had on society. His book follows the various political figures that were key in the partition such as Nehru, Jinnah, Atlee, and Mountbatten. The book shows the process of the partition and focuses the blame on Mountbatten, who in his haste, left India with no unity and arbitrary boundaries. Mountbatten did not listen to his advisors and partitioned the provinces of Punjab and Bengal, which spurred even more tensions among Hindus and Muslims. On Independence Day, violence broke out between Hindus and Muslims as over 12 million people migrated across the borders, with about 1 million dying. This book demonstrates the everlasting effects of colonialism on its colonies, as violence in India and Pakistan still plagues the region today.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in history or the legacy of colonialism. This book allows readers to firsthand experience the events leading up to Indian independence and the mistakes made by the British while dividing up their colony into independent nations.

Cover: The cover reflects the story of the book and the millions of people who had to migrate across the India-Pakistan border. Rating: 5/5

Written by
Paranjay S.

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