Shadow Me

Shadow Me
Tahereh Mafi
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Mar 27, 2024

“It’s not the pain that’s unendurable. It’s the hopelessness. It’s the hopelessness that makes you reckless.”

 Another novella in the ever-expanding Shatter Me series, this novella showcases a new perspective. Following the events of Restore Me, this novella is told in the fan favorite, Kenji’s, perspective. 

This is yet another unneeded novella from the perspective of a character we didn’t ask for. Why Mafi feels the need to write so many unnecessary extra books is beyond me. The series itself is good, but is dragged down by the many bad novellas she writes. While not being as bad as Fracture Me, (not that much of an accomplishment), Shadow Me is still far from good. It has all the bad qualities of a YA novel, with none of the interesting plot. While Kenji is definitely a great character, that doesn’t men he will necessarily be a good perspective, as is the unfortunate case for this book. Overall, this is practically unreadable 2 out of 5 stars.

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