Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Leigh Bardugo
Jun 15, 2022

A thrilling dystopian fantasy. An unexpected Traitor. A dangerous mix of power War. And one girl who can save all. It is finally time for Alina, a cartographer, to cross the Fold - a piece of dark, dangerous land filled with murderous creatures that divide Ravka (a country). Most don’t make it across to another side, but Alina tries to remain hopeful. Entering the Fold in a skiff, Alina and other cartographers are attacked by volcras - creatures that kill humans. When a volcra attacks her best friend, Mal, Alina attempts to save him, but when she does, she discovers something that will put her, and the rest of Ravka in danger. She soon realizes that she is a Sun Summoner; which means she has special powers that can destroy the Fold. Alina realizes that she has the power to build peace in the midst of war by destroying the biggest menace to Ravka. However, when she is put under the control of the Darkling - Ravka’s supreme leader, her life is changed. And Ravka is changed.

With major twists, suspense, and thrills, I absolutely loved this book! My favorite plots were towards the end of the novel when all of the fate depends on Alina. The biggest thing you should keep note of is to refer to the map of Ravka on the very first page of this novel - it makes a lot more sense that way. Shadow and Bone ends on an unexpected  cliffhanger, but this novel is part of a trilogy that continues this story. Overall, I loved every part of this book, and there is even a TV show available on Netflix based on this book (but I have heard the book is far better!) I give this book a rating of 5/5.

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