The Selection

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Kiera Cass
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Jul 20, 2022

The Selection is about a teenager named America Singer who is entered into a
contest to see which girl can become the prince’s bride. But America wants nothing to
do with it, she wants to be with her love, Aspen, who cannot provide for her. He is a
caste lower than her and is worried she needs someone else who can take care of her.
America is sad but as she meets Prince Maxwell, she starts falling in love with him. He
too, is interested in America, but there are more serious candidates than America.
America must choose someone’s heart to break before its too late.

My friends recommended this book to and I loved the series. I loved America’s
personality and how there are plot twists throughout this book. I was so glad there was
a series and I loved the end so much. I definitely recommend for those searching for a
good series.


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Teen Book Reviewer

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