The Selection

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Kiera Cass
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Jun 13, 2022

The Selection by Kiera Cass is a dystopian fiction about a world that is organized by castes. 35 girls from different castes are randomly selected to compete to be the future princess. For most, it's the dream and the opportunity of a lifetime. But not for America Singer. Being Selected means she leaves her home, family, and secret love for a world she doesn’t even want. But when she does get chosen, she meets Prince Maxon and rethinks that maybe the life she envisioned for herself is not the life she may end up with. This book was so good. I loved the characters and the details that went into the world. I really enjoyed how Cass set the world and the problems. There were a lot of characters though, which was confusing at times but it got better as the story progressed. There was definitely a lot of drama that I liked. Great book, I would give it a 5/5!

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