The Selection

Cover photo of the book The Selection
Kiera Cass
Oct 6, 2021

The Selection is a dystopian romance novel about a sixteen-year-old girl named America. She lives in Illea, a country divided by castes. In Illea, the Selection is a contest in which girls are selected from different castes compete for the love of the prince, Maxon. America is one of the 35 girls selected to compete. But the only thing she desires is to have a relationship with her secret boyfriend, Aspen. Will she win the love of the prince or go back to her old life and continue her relationship with her secret love?

I loved this book! I rate it a 5 out of 5. This book helped me get into reading and really helped to discover my reading interests. I would recommend this book for people who like romance but also drama and conflict. I really love the storyline, characters, and the relationships between the characters! Once I started I couldn’t put it down! The storyline had many surprising events and kept me on my toes and wanting more. I really felt like I actually knew the characters. They were described with a lot of detail and I loved how they each had a very distinctive personality. I really enjoyed the relationships between each character. You could feel every emotion and feeling that they felt towards one another. I loved the aspect of America having to choose between her first love and the prince. The cover of the book is amazing! It portrays the story and America very well. I would definitely read the book just based on the cover! Overall I thought this was an amazing book! You should definitely give it a read sometime!

Written by
Chloe W.

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