See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday
Rachel Lynn Solomon
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Apr 1, 2023

 “See You Yesterday” by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a refreshing new take on the classic time loop plot. Our protagonist, Barret Bloom, is a college freshman who just wants to turn over a fresh page at her new school after a troubled high school experience. Instead, she has a completely disastrous first day and ruins any chance at a positive reception from those around her. In dismay, she falls asleep… only to wake up again to the exact same day. 
     Typical time loop stuff, right? However, Rachel Lynn Solomon elevates this book past the usual tropes of the sub-genre in the form of Miles, a boy in Barrett’s physics class who is trapped in the time loop with her. With no where else to turn, the two of them form an alliance to attempt to finally see tomorrow. 
    This book offers a sweet, funny interpretation of both time loops and romance, and deeply invests readers in its two protagonists. I would give “See You Yesterday” four out of five stars. 

Written by
Alice Summers

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