See How They Run

See How They Run by Ally Carter
Ally Carter
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Aug 9, 2022

After the life-changing truth Grace Blakely finds out about her mother’s death in the first
book, all she wants is to be alone and away from everyone else. Most of all, she doesn’t want to
face her loved ones, because she’s afraid that they blame her for everything that’s happened.
However, when Grace’s brother Jamie and his friend Spence come to visit her from West Point,
Jamie decides to help her get back to normal, even if that’s impossible. Spence, on the other
hand, is interested in Grace, and even goes as far as kissing her, but she rejects him. But the
next morning when Spence’s dead body is found on the beach, one of Grace’s friends, Alexei, is
blamed for the death of Spence. Now Grace finds herself in more problems as she tries to get
Alexei out of this mess, deals with a whole other conspiracy that no one in Adria has ever
known about, and searches for the reason about why someone might have wanted her mother

I liked this book, and it was pretty interesting overall. Although it was a little boring at first
for me, if you kept going through it, the rest was nice. One thing I liked about this book was how
we got to know Alexei’s character more. In the first book, it was more of Grace and Noah, Rosie,
and Megan following the Scarred Man, but we got to see how Grace’s different problems were
all connected in this book, and I definitely enjoyed seeing more of Alexei and the rising
chemistry between him and Grace. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys
mystery, and I am pretty excited to read the third book because there were a lot of unanswered
questions and cliffhangers in this book.

I honestly didn’t really understand the cover very much at first, because I was a little
confused about what the building in the back was. The girl in front of the building is clearly
meant to portray Grace walking or running away from the building behind her. I’m assuming that
the building is meant to symbolize Embassy Row or something, and that she’s running away
from it, and from all the conspiracies within it. If my interpretation of the cover is right, I would
say it’s a pretty accurate representation of the story’s plot, because it seems that at the end,
Grace is tired of all these conspiracies and everything, so she would run away

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