The Secret Recipe For Moving On

The Secret Recipe for Moving On by Karen Bischer
Karen Bischer
Oct 21, 2021

When Ellie moved new schools in her junior year, she and Hunter quickly started a relationship. All was well until Hunter broke up with her in senior year to date a different girl, Brynn. To top it all off, she is stuck with them in home economics. While she has to watch Hunter with Brynn, she gets paired with three of the most notorious guys in their school. She will soon have to learn how to heal her wounds and be herself again.

I enjoyed reading this book; there were many places in the book that made me smile. This book taught me that even though there might be some rumors about someone, you shouldn’t judge them based on assumptions. While reading, I was surprised with how much depth there was in the characters. I liked that Ellie started to grow when she wasn’t with Hunter anymore. I like the book and cover; they tell us how Ellie will move on from Hunter and become a better person. Overall, if you like rom-coms and competitions, this book is a good fit for you!

Written by
Marium K.


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