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Wes Craven
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Nov 20, 2023

In 1996 the timeless Scream franchise began. The main character of this franchise is Sidney Prescott a girl from Woodsboro, California. The town is being terrorized by a killer that is desperate for revenge. Sidney’s past has her worried that the murders are personal and that she could be next. In defense against the killer, she attempts to gain protection in numbers by staying with her friends and boyfriend. 

With surprises at every turn, this is a great start to the franchise. Personally, this series is my all-time favorite horror films with the original being my favorite. In the beginning of the film it leaves you with questions that lead you to continue watching. The storyline is excellently connected through the series, everything somehow relating to each other. I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoys the classic films, and will also enjoy watching the whole series. I would rate this movie 5 stars.

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