The Scorch Trials

Scorch Trials
James Dashner
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Apr 10, 2024

After escaping the terrible maze trials, they ended up being rescued only to find themselves in another simulation, designed to rule out the weak kids in the lot. Thomas is confused on what to do next and doesn’t even know if he can trust his own friends in the process. Join them on the journey they will take filled with mysteries, hideous creatures, and some of the deepest and darkest secrets about the situation of humanity and what’s to come in this dystopian novel.

This book out of the series is definitely the most mysterious and the most revealing at the same time. This book out of the series is also the only plot-builder for what’s happens next in the series. The most compelling aspect about the book is the constant suspense and danger which keeps you on your seat the whole time. This is definitely more apparent in this book versus the first because the first book is more of an introduction and giving you an idea about what’s going to happen later in the series. I was most disappointed in not the book necessarily, but during the turning point, the plot takes a turn that I did not expect coming when I first read the book. This is a very nice book in the sense that even after reading it many times, the book still interests me. Overall, very well written book which develops the plot and gives the rest of the information to the reader without being boring which I like personally.

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