Ruins of Gorlan

John Flanagan
Jul 4, 2018

Will Treaty was a young slender man growing up in an orphanage. Both of his parents were killed in the past. Growing up all his wardmates new what occupation they were suited for and prepared for them. However, Will had not the slightest idea of what he was for, and was worried he might have to be a farmer. This all changes when he gets a letter saying he has been selected as the new ranger's apprentice. He gets his exciting position not long before the evil Lord Morgorath starts assembling his army.

At the beginning I thought the book had a few boring valleys with not much action. But as I continued reading the book started building up a suspenseful plot. It contained lots of action and strategy, making it a real page - turner for me.

I would recommend this book for anyone that is interested and enjoys action. Especially any middle or high school students. Fans of Harry Potter or the Maze Runner series would enjoy this. This is because the book develops a seemingly unimportant person, into a hero.

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