Rivals by Katharine McGee
Katharine McGee
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Jun 2, 2022

Queen Beatrice, Princess Samantha, Daphne, and Nina are back again and have more things going on than ever. Beatrice is juggling life as a Queen, her life with her fiancé Teddy, and making friends as a royal. For the first time in a long time America is hosting the league of kings conference and how is Beatrice supposed to know how to do everything perfect in front of all these royals from around the world?! Samantha and her boyfriend Marshall are getting more serious or so she thought, but they are realizing the sacrifices each of them would have to make for this relationship to work. Daphne wants the crown and Jefferson but Gabriella, a spoiled mean girl, is getting in the way so Nina and Daphne might have to team up on her for a greater good… even if they are enemies. With all of this going on in the royal family what will happen in the end?


This book was very drama filled. I enjoyed it very much, however, the first book in the American Royals series still takes the cake for me. I couldn’t put this book down which seems to keep happening with books written by Katharine McGee. I highly recommend this book to any American Royals fans who are excited to read more about their favorite characters. Overall, a great read!

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Anna S.

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