Restore Me

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
Tahereh Mafi
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Mar 27, 2024

“Idiots are highly flammable, love. Let them all burn in hell.” 

“People are idiots, love. Their opinions are worthless.” 

The fourth book in the Shatter Me series, Restore Me deals with the aftermath of the war against the Reestablishment, and the consequences of Juliette’s actions. Will the friends that she’s risked everything for stay by her side when she is forced to make the difficult decisions, and will the power get to her head?

 Following directly after Ignite Me is quite an act to follow but Restore Me does so as well as it can. It introduces many interesting new characters and shows new sides to the ones you thought you knew. Still, it’s clearly a part of the flawed Shatter Me series, including all of its cliches and occasional immaturity. It’s very clearly YA, just like the rest of the series, but I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily a bad thing. I loved this series growing up, so I can’t be too harsh on its imperfections. It does have some quite funny lines, as proved by the fact that I included two quotes in my review. Overall, it is one of the better books in the series. 3/5 stars

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