The Rescue

The Rescue
Erin Hunter
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Jul 21, 2023

The Rescue is a graphic novel as part of a 3-book miniseries called Skyclan and the Stranger by Erin Hunter, overall part of the Warriors books. Skyclan is a clan broken up long ago but helped reformed by Firestar and Sandstorm. They live separately far away from the other clans. Leafstar has found out that some of the apprentices have been taking food from a human who lives nearby, but she has made them stop. However, one day the human wanders near the gorge where the clan lives and takes Leafstar and her just-born kits. She is kept inside the human’s home, where she is taken care of kindly, but still misses the clan. She became friends with the human’s pet cat named Harry. Can her clan rescue her eventually, or will Leafstar be stuck with the human? 

I liked this book because it talks more about what is happening in Skyclan after Firestar and Sandstorm re-form it, before Skyclan journeys to rejoin the other four clans many seasons later. I enjoyed how the story plot progressed after Leafstar became suspicious of the younger warriors. Sol even helps Leafstar escape his owner’s den after she was taken. I was surprised when at the end of this book, Harry reveals his real name. This is a real cliffhanger for anyone who has already read a few arcs of the Warrior series, because a cat by his name had been a prominent character in the main series. That, along with the fact that this miniseries is called Skyclan and the Stranger, now makes the reader realize that this series is talking about the origin of that mysterious cat. Because of all of this, I give this book a five out of five.

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Neil J.

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