Red, White & Royal Blue

Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
Casey McQuiston
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Nov 7, 2022

Red, White & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston, is a wonderful combination of scandals, romance, and

Alex Claremont-Diaz, the First Son of the United States of America, travels to the United Kingdom to
attend a royal wedding, Alex is unfortunate enough to fall into the massively expensive wedding
cake and drag his arch-nemesis, Prince Henry, down with him. In order to put off what might grow
into an international crisis, Alex and Henry are forced to spend a week together to convince the
world that they are best friends. As they attempt to repair the damage, Alex and Henry's hatred
turns into genuine friendship and maybe something more.

Red, White & Royal Blue is written hopefully and lightheartedly, making the reader feel at home.
McQuiston weaves her message artistically into the story, imagining an America that might have
happened in 2016. The story is engaging and readers will not want to put the book down. My
favorite aspect of Red, White & Royal Blue is that it handles themes of sexuality and responsibility
delicately and will resonate with readers. Each character's journey feels like your own.


Written by
Rhea S.

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