Red White and Royal Blue

Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
Casey McQuiston
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May 9, 2022

Red, White & Royal Blue is a story of the First Son of the United States (Alex Claremont Diaz) and the Prince of England (Prince Henry). They’ve been nemeses for as long as they can remember and when a picture blatantly displaying their dislike for one another surfaces and threatens national relations, Henry and Alex are forced to pretend to be friends. However, overtime their friendship turns into a romance that threatens the two countries and could impede the upcoming presidential election for Alex’s mother.

I had no words when I finished this book, I was utterly speechless. Alex and Henry were extremely cute and the type of love they had for each other was so priceless. I am a fan of the enemies to lovers trope so I deeply enjoyed seeing that in this book too. I loved Alex’s family dynamic and I thought it was great how supportive his parents were of him at all times. I think McQuinston did a good job of making the book somewhat realistic however I think some scenes were more dramatized than I think they would’ve been in real life. Alex reminded me of myself in terms of how driven and stubborn he was. Ultimately I think McQuinston wrote a romance that will reach every person’s heart because the message she portrays through her writing leaves the reader happy and full of hope.

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