Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard
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Sep 13, 2022

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is a dystopian novel. Mare lives in a world which is separated
by blood. The Silvers have powers and are rulers and royals, while the Reds are villagers. Mare
starts working in the Silver Palace and she discovers that even if she’s red-blooded, she holds a
deadly power. The Silvers fear Mare, so they disguise her as a long lost Silver princess. Knowing
she will die if the silvers find out, Mare secretly starts working with a group named the Red
Guard to take down the Silvers. But what Mare doesn’t know is that in the world she lives in,
anyone can betray anyone, so you can’t trust anybody.

I would recommend this book to middle schoolers. I never thought I would be interested in
reading dystopias, but after reading this book for a school project, there was no book I read that
topped it. This book is full of mysteries and plot twists that will keep you up at night. You won’t
want to stop after the first book, you're going to want to read the whole series! I give this book a


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