Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard
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Jul 11, 2022

This is a great book for any fantasy lover. Victoria Aveyard has done a great job being descriptive and really painting a picture of this intricate fictional world. It's similar to The Hunger Games, therefore I highly recommend Hunger Games lovers to check this one out. It has a similar concept of districts, where there are different levels to status. The main character, Mare, is a low status resident who looks for a job. While performing her duties, she discovers she has powers, more powerful and destructive than any of the others. Everyone is shocked as to how a red blood can possess such power. She is immediately assigned to marry the younger son of the burner family, the most influential family of all. However, this isn’t accepted by all. Most didn’t approve of a red blood being amongst the silvers, doing silver things. Overall, I enjoyed this book, however I personally thought towards the second book it gets really repetitive. There is lots of romance and a fast read! Overall, I would rate it ⅘ stars.

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