Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard
May 31, 2022

Mare Barrow is a 17-year-old girl who lives in a kingdom where people are separated into two different social classes based on the color of their blood. People with silver blood are supernatural, and have superpowers, and they’re also rich and live good lives, while people with red blood have to live in poverty because they don’t have any special superpowers. Mare has red blood, so she lives in poverty. To help her family, she steals by pickpocketing from Silvers and the people in her village. However, when one of Mare’s loved ones gets hurt because of her, she’s guilt-driven and begins to work at the palace after someone offers it to her. During her time at the palace, Mare finds out she has a superpower, which confuses everything for her and the rest of the kingdom, especially since she has red blood. For the benefit of the kingdom, the king and queen pretend she's silver and betroth her to one of their sons. The rest of the plotline in the story revolves around Mare secretly fighting for the fact that she’s red and has superpowers.

I liked this book a lot, and it is definitely worth reading. I loved the dystopian parts of it, the fantasy, the romance, the action, and the other genres included. I really enjoyed reading it, and the author also left hints of mystery here and there, like the mystery about Cal’s mother, the late queen. This book didn’t really disappoint me that much, just at first it could have progressed a little faster. However, the book was overall really interesting, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance, as well as a fantasy and a made-up world. I loved the cover of the book, and I think it represented the story plot and everything very well. It was a silver crown with red blood dripping all over it. There is one point in the story where Mare and her best friend Kilorn, are talking about how she might, one day, become a red queen, since she’s betrothed to a prince. This heavily implies to the cover and title, that this story shows that even reds can rule and reds and silvers are the same.

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