Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard
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Oct 21, 2021

Red Queen takes place in a society where the hierarchy is based on your blood-red or silver. Mare Barrow, a red blood, is placed into the kingdom as a servant and observes the court as they are selecting the bride for the young princes. Suddenly, Mare exposes herself, showing lightning powers coming through her, and everyone in the court is heavily confused. The King and Queen quickly betroth her to Maven, the youngest son, and create a fake backstory. No one was suspicious of her blood afterwards, and people proceeded to believe she was a silver. Rebellions are created with unpredictable behavior.

This book is 100 percent worth the read. This is one of my favorite books especially with all the build-up with her relationship with Cal and Maven. The different discoveries and plot twists keep me really engaged, and the action is well-executed. After reading the whole series, this was definitely the best book in the trilogy, and it is also very easy to follow.

Written by
Joy Y.

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