Realm Breaker

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard
Victoria Aveyard
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Dec 27, 2022

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard is the first book in the Realm Breaker series. Corayne an-
Amarat, a villager who’s mother is always off at sea, can feel a deadly darkness in the Ward.
One faithful day, an immortal and a skilled assassin arrive at Corayne’s door and are
determined to save the Ward. Corayne’s uncle, a deadly man who would not hesitate to destroy
the realm in a heartbeat, lies in the dark, and it is up to Corayne and her allies to save the
Realm. She is the only one who can stop her uncle and save the realm. All because she is the
last of an ancient lineage and has a powerful sword in her hands. The whole realm’s existence
remains on her shoulders. Will she succeed or will she accomplish saving the Ward?

I did not enjoy reading this book. I read the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard and adored it,
so I decided to read her new series. I did not expect to be this disappointed in it. These are
some spoilers, so if you want to read the book, I recommend you not read this. First, the main
character did not know how to fight and most of the other characters fought, which is not good
for a main character in a dystopian novel. I feel like either the immortal or assassin would have
been a way better choice as a main character. Second, Corayne, in my opinion, had a pretty
boring life, unlike the assassin (which was my favorite character in this book) who had a more
interesting life. All Corayne would do was ask questions about the others’ lives. This ties back to
what I said about the assassin being the main character instead. Third, what Victoria Aveyard
thought would be plot twists weren’t plot twists at all. I could guess from reading the first few
chapters of the book what would happen next (I literally knew who would betray who and who
the queen would marry the second they introduced the queen). I personally thought this book
was boring and found it very hard to finish. My favorite part of this book though, was the
assassin and the witch. I feel like there are a lot of better books out there so I give this book a


Written by
Likhita A.

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