Rated by Melissa Grey
Melissa Grey
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Jul 18, 2022

In the book called Rated, by Melissa Grey, it is set in a dystopian society where people
survive based off of their ratings. This rating system keeps people in order and it ranks the
society for value. The higher score you have the more value you keep to the society and lower
you have will mean less value and harder work you have to do to then increase rating. At a
school called Maplethorpe Academy, EVERYTHING the people do counts to their ratings.
Usually these ratings are changed everyday. One day the school gets vandalized and this may
ultimately set off a big problem for 6 of the main characters ratings which is what the entire book
is about.

I enjoyed the book and I’m not all that big of a fan of dystopian environments so I would
give it a 5 out of 5. The characters are pretty relatable and believable. On top of that they aren’t
even that dull. It was also pretty interesting and picturable in my head when I was imagining the
scenes and the characters too as I mentioned earlier. The book is a bit fast paced so I had to
reread some of the pages but some parts I just zoomed through so that was nice. There were
also some questions that I was left with about the points and the deduction system especially
about when kids get away with things that adults don’t see but I was still able to carry on with
the book. In general the book was good but I would recommend this book to very few people.


Written by
Fawzan S.

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