Rapture Practice

Aaron Hartzler
Oct 13, 2015

This is the memoir of Aaron Hartzler, a writer and actor currently living in Los Angeles. The story covers his growing up years right here in the Kansas City metro.

Aaron was raised in an extremely conservative Christian home as the son of a preacher. As a child, he was thrilled by the idea of the Rapture, a highly anticipated event in which Jesus will return to Earth to gather his believers and take them directly into heaven. Aaron would jump as high as he could into the air while singing, hoping that he could catapult himself directly into heaven. But as he entered his teen years, Aaron decided that he wasn't ready to leave Earth just yet, there were too many things he wanted to do first. He wanted to go to a movie theater, an activity that was considered sinful in his home. He wanted to taste beer. He wanted to kiss someone. Growing up is never easy. Growing up as Aaron Hartzler is hilariously funny, heartbreakingly sad and never dull. A highly recommended read for grades 9 and up.

And I can't wait for his newly released title, What We Saw arriving on the library's shelves any day now!

Reviewed by Library Staff

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