The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

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Amy Noelle Parks
Nov 25, 2020

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss​ was a largely enjoyable read with only a few drawbacks. It was a very good romantic book. I was very invested in its main romantic plot. Unlike some other romance books I’ve read, this one felt believable. The relationship between Caleb and Evie was really interesting and I didn’t feel like many aspects of it felt forced. I genuinely enjoyed it. The supporting cast was small, so most of the important characters had more time to develop.

The plot was also very interesting, but I felt like it only delivered at face value. I found myself bored at several points during the story. Parts of the story were dry and dragged along .While it was cute, the book lost me at times. Another part of the plot that bothered me was the chatroom side plot. While it was also cute, this plot felt underdeveloped and rushed. When it was resolved, it didn’t feel very believable. I just wasn’t sold on the side plot, its payoff was small. I didn’t like its addition in the first place but the way it was wrapped up convinced me that it could have been left out or dealt with better. However, I was still interested in the book overall and I liked the plot. Its negative aspects did not ruin the story for me; it was still very enjoyable.

While I wouldn’t outright call this book a feminist book, it has some interesting feminist aspects that I wasn’t expecting at first. Evie’s journey through the academy and the competition did focus majorly on how different life is for her in mathematics. It’s mentioned a few times how Evie has been negatively affected by misogyny in her environment. The story doesn’t focus on it too much, or very often, but it handles the issue well. Another complex issue the story tackles well is Evie’s anxiety. It was very interesting to see how she deals with anxiety and its effect on her daily life.

Overall, the book was good. It had both good and bad aspects. I loved the concept and generally enjoyed it. Although the plot can drag along at times and some side plots were puzzling, I would recommend it.

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Grace L.

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