The Prisoner of Cell 25

Richard Paul Evans
Apr 4, 2018

So .. it's about this 15 year old boy named Michael Vey and he has electric powers,he has had it his whole life. his mom knows it too so they try to keep it hidden and that is a bit hard for him since he was born with Tourette's Syndrome, and is always picked on. one day a bunch of bullies were hitting him and he got so mad he "pulsed' them and they were terrified of him after that day, the bad thing was someone saw electricity come out of his hands when he did it. it was his crush Taylor the head cheerleader and the prettiest girl in the high school, she saw what had happened. you late find out that she has electric powers too, but hers are different, she can "reboot'" someones brains and make them blank out on some things. she is soon kidnapped by this society called the "Elgen" and they took Michael mother too, they want him to join them and the other electric kids with powers. i cant spoil more for you but Michael and his super-mart friend Ostin go and try to save Taylor and his mother.

l liked how the cover of the book is very detailed and is also how you would expect some of the events to look like in the book.

This is for middle school students from 12-14 year old this would be a great book.

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