Pretty Dead Girls

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy
Monica Murphy
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Feb 10, 2023

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy is a mystery thriller book. All the popular pretty girls in
school are getting murdered. So far, all of them were linked to Penelope Malone in some way.
She decides to investigate further in these murders, but as she tries uncovering more secrets,
Penelope is terrified she might be the next victim.

I loved this book so much. I really liked how most of the story was Penelope’s perspective but
some chapters were the murderer’s perspective. It kept the story very suspenseful. It was so
surprising to find out who the killer was because I would have never guessed. The way the
murderer called in their victims was very interesting and super thrilling. The part that I didn’t
really like was how they described the murder in detail. Like, if a character is found murdered,
they would describe the harm done to them in full detail. It was really gruesome to read those
parts. Personally I thought the reason the killer was murdering people was a little weird, but
overall this book was very good. I highly recommend this to people and think this should
definitely be on your book list. This book was a page turner and I couldn't put it down until I
finished it (I literally read it all in one day!). I give this book a 5/5.


As I said before, the way the killer called in their victims was very interesting. Like,
they would text or call them and talk to them, and if the victim didn’t agree, then they would kill
them. The main character believed one of her friends was the murderer for the majority of the
book and was focused on proving that, so I also contemplated that it might be her too (It wasn’t
her). The saddest part in the book was that one of her closest/best friends was murdered. It was
so sad because they were very close and were always there for one another.


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Likhita A.

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