Scott Westerfeld
Jun 27, 2018

Cal is a carrier without symptoms of a parasite that caused his later girlfriends to become modern day vampires. He hunts these dangerous parasite positives, ‘‘peeps’’ he calls them, for an organization called the Night Watch. But newer victims are showing more sanity, the parasite is evolving. Cal is also receiving pressure from Lacey, a girl who has accidentally become involved. Her apartment building has now become infested unnatural rats, red eyed cats, and monstrous worms that could threaten all of humanity. Cal and Lacey need to find the secret to an ancient conspiracy before a battle that will determine the fate of the human race.

This is perhaps the weirdest, most unique take on vampires ever. But, the best part of this book is the chapters that detail the disgusting lives of parasites. Want to gross someone out, just read one of those chapters. Truly, they make this book.

This is a great example of the YA genre, it's a perfect blend of adventure, action, horror and scientific education.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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