The Pearl

The Pearl by John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck
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Oct 25, 2022

In the historical fiction novella The Pearl, John Steinbeck details the destructiveness of

human greed through the view of an uneducated native Mexican after Spain colonized Mexic.

Before the native, Kino, discovered “the greatest pearl in the world”(Steinbeck 20), he lived what

seemed to be a fulfilling life; he had a faithful wife, a beautiful child, a reliable older brother, and

a way of life: pearl gathering. This life surrounded him with the pleasant “Song of the

Family”(Steinbeck 5); however, this would all change when Kino discovered the pearl, and “the

Song of Evil, the music of the enemy”(Steinbeck 7) gradually overpowered and replaced the

“Song of the Family.” Kino saw within the pearl the chance at a better life, one where his child,

Coyotito, was educated and he officially married his wife, Juana, but his struggles to acquire this

better life led to the inevitable downfall of his current one.

This novella, The Pearl, is a thought-provoking short read that is perfect for any day.

Steinbeck does a fantastic job of making subtle foreshadows, portraying the intensity of Kino's

emotions, and lining the text with insightful comments that the reader can not help but stop

reading to digest. The only issue I had was that I wish it was longer since it was truly a joy to

read. I have to give this book a five out of five and could not recommend it more to anyone.


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